200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Marie Belle Perez Riveria PhD

Enrolment is limited to 30 students

Early bird price – $3,800 USD
Price – $4,200 USD after 24th December 2022

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Marie Belle Pérez Rivera, PhD, is an educator, artist, writer, community leader, globally recognized yoga teacher, expert in Somatic and Embodiment Practices for Reducing Stress, Developing Resilience and Healing Trauma, a Latina health coach and small business owner. She is an anthropologist of movement, teacher and practitioner of yoga, mindfulness, and critical thinking throughout the United States, Caribbean, Latin America, Spain, and Bali.


Marie Belle has two Bachelor’s degrees from North Carolina State University (Psychology and Communication), a Graduate Certificate (Women’s Studies), a Master’s degree (Biological and Developmental Psychology), and a Doctorate degree (Psychology: Social and Emotional Development) from Virginia Tech with a focus on Women as Active Constructors of Knowledge. Through her work, Marie Belle offers public yoga classes, workshops, teacher trainings, private and group coaching, and transformational retreats in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Bali.


In addition, Marie Belle is the founder of Roots Love Yoga, a Latina woman owned small business and creative multidisciplinary project with the purpose of uniting, educating, and inspiring teachers, artists, movers, intellectuals, healers, and world travellers. She has been featured in The Washington Post, People are Awesome, Mantra Magazine, Telemundo, Sweat Magazine, Peace Revolution, Active Life DC, and others. Marie Belle currently resides in Washington, DC with her 94-pound Silver Lab, Zion Zeus.

JANUARY 8 – JANUARY 29, 2023:

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Marie Belle PR is a 3 week long holistic program that includes Ashtanga Yoga and Mysore Practice daily along with workshops focusing on handstands, flexibility, mobility, and gymnastics strength training.


You will receive all the training needed to become a quality and confident Yoga Teacher, as well as business training to provide you with the knowledge required to begin your own Yoga School.


This program is approved by Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level for international certification and is recognised globally.


The intention is to provide and embody an education necessary to establish a personal practice and a safe, healthy, long-term relationship with yoga.
Upon completion of the course, you will be firmly established in a daily practice and alignment based technique.


You will learn the technical foundation for classical asanas (postures), mindfulness, non-dualist tantric philosophy, gymnastics strength training, meditation, proper vinyasa, pranayama (breathing techniques), the history and roots of yoga, functional and energetic anatomy, conscious communication, and how to create skillfully aligned sequences along with scripting your classes.


You will learn safe hands-on adjustments of postures from the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga and Classical Hatha Yoga Postures.

What's Included:

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification
  • Daily Yoga and Meditation with Marie Belle
  • Daily discourse on various topics ranging from philosophy to anatomy, lifestyle, profession, practice teaching, rest and recovery, nutrition, and much more
  • 3 afternoon workshops / week to access deeper power, flexibility and mobility in body and mind
  • Introduction to Mysore practice, handstands, flexibility, mobility, and gymnastics strength training
  • Healthy breakfast and lunch daily
  • Nirvana Lifestyle membership for the duration of the course including full access to our Recovery Area: Steam, Sauna, Ice baths, Hot Tub & Lounge

Bonus – Book and pay before December 1st and receive 2 additional weeks FREE membership to Nirvana Strength (the week before and the week after)

Each day begins with mindful movement - Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation, to encourage, nurture, and expand personal practice


  • Training led by a globally recognized yoga teacher with a Ph.D.
  • The ability to teach both Ashtanga Yoga and Elite Physical Conditioning, Mysore practice, Gymnastics strength training, Mobility, Handstands and Flexibility
  • Learning and sharing non dualist tantra in the form of meditation, breathwork, embodiment practices, discourse, integration, and critical thinking
  • A heart based curriculum to improve quality of life, build healthy habits, establish clear seeing, and cultivate a purposeful and fulfilling life
  • Traditional Yoga practices, Breathwork, Meditation and Asana, inspired by modern tools of self study and Injury prevention

Improve quality of life, build healthy habits, establish clarity and cultivate a purposeful and fulfilling life

Get ready for:

  • Daily practices of Ashtanga Yoga and Mysore mornings
  • Daily spirtual practices of breathwork, meditation, journaling, asana and discourse.
  • Injury prevention, mobility training, and Prehab and rehab
  • Daily teachings on correct techniques, sanskrit, and breath count from a highly skilled Ashtanga Yoga practitioner (Advanced A)
  • The energetic art of Yoga, discussions on resonance and coherence, the chakras and so much more

This intensive YTT includes a comprehensive, practice based approach to physical, mental, and emotional well being

Enjoy access to:

  • Nirvana Strength all access membership including over 40 classes per week covering strength, mobility, flexibilty, balance, movement, yoga and dance
  • Full access to our state of the art recovery and wellness centre offering a large steam room, dry sauna, hot tub and 2 x Ice baths to aid your daily recovery
  • Yoga shala surrounded by beautiful scenery and Balinese rice fields, perfect for daily meditation.



Early Bird (before 24th December) - $3,800
Regular Price (After 1st December) - $4,200


Early Bird (before 24th December) - $4,599
Regular Price (After 1st December) - $4,999


Early Bird (before 24th December) - $5,299
Regular Price (After 1st December) - $5,699

*Accommodation bookings only available until 24th December 2022


Overall, I found the experience of yoga teacher training to be a positive one. I was challenged physically, mentally and emotionally.

I learned about myself, and those around me as I made new friends and connections that I will always cherish. And if all of this wasn’t enough, I got to do it in the most sacred of places; Bali.

I will forever be changed by this entire trip for the better.

Thank you Marie, for making this all happen, and for being an all around awesome yoga teacher.

I look forward to crossing paths with you again in the future. ~Jess

Amazing training! Marie Belle is extremely knowledgeable, talented and passionate.

She taught us a lot about the philosophy, the breathing techniques, the meditation and she demonstrated the poses while teaching so you can tell that she is actively practicing (which is very important).

She really cared about us and what we will learn from her. The choice of books was great, the homework, the final test.

Everything was very professional and well done. She also took the time to talk about the after training part.

Overall, I would highly recommend this school to anybody who wants to be a yoga teacher. ~Christele

YTT in Bali was an amazing experience which I am very grateful for. Thank you so much for organising and sharing your knowledge.

It was a good combination of physical practice and theoretical discussion. In addition to your deep knowledge of the practice, (including its anatomical and philosophical aspects, which went way beyond ashtanga), I truly appreciated your enthusiasm and passion for the practice.

It was very energising and inspiring and made the training experience more rewarding.

I also appreciated your open, kind, and non-dogmatic approach to both practice and discussions. I felt like you allowed a lot of room for people to express themselves and find their unique way to relate to yoga and make it their own.

I would also like to note the professionalism with which you conducted the training and all your interactions with the group. Thank you so much!! ~Tatiana


THANK YOU for an amazing experience and the deepening of my own practice that I was looking for.

I am excited to see how I progress this year with a better understanding of the intricacies of the practice.

Even leaning towards teaching… You are an incredible teacher! ~Jonathan


Roots Love Yoga YTT was a comprehensive program and transformative for me.

Marie Belle is well-versed in the philosophies of Dharma and Ashtanga yoga, breath work, meditation, and physical practice and much more. The environment was comfortable and conducive to learning, offered many opportunities for growth both in mind and body.

I highly recommend it for those seeking to become instructors or even to those seeking to learn about yoga as more than just a physical practice. ~Kameron K.

This was an absolutely wonderful experience and I highly recommend Roots Love Yoga!! ~Christie B.

Absolutely wonderful experience.

Marie shared her diverse wisdom and knowledge base in the safe and welcoming learning environment she created for everyone. ~Amy J.

Great curriculum and knowledgeable teachers! ~Andrea M.

My YTT experience with Roots Love Yoga was transformative, not just in terms of my practice and teaching, but spiritually as well.

I highly recommend this program. ~Callie L.

MarieBelle provided extensive training in both the physical asana practice and the philosophy of yoga.

I felt extremely prepared to teach after taking her training and appreciate her guidance, patience, and warmth with her students. ~ Leigh H.

Roots Love Yoga Teacher Training was one of the best educational experiences I have ever had. Marie Belle was beyond knowledgeable about everything she presented and taught. The teacher training provided a safe space to explore, learn, and get deep into the practice of yoga physically, energetically, and connect with it on and off the mat. The training was thorough with everything and I couldn’t have picked a better training than Roots Love Yoga. ~ Jeselene A.