Rp 7.900.000

This 2 day workshop will explore the concepts of strength, movement and balance, how they relate and build upon each other.

The importance of having a diverse approach will be emphasized and each training module in the workshop will culminate in practical implementation into individualized training programs and examples of practical relevance in creative and specific skill training.

Is this for you?
There are no prerequisites to join the workshop, the main focus is to introduce the philosophy of strength and movement training. Learning how to manipulate exercises and drills to suit individual goals will be an essential part of the workshop.

How will you be taught?
Through theoretical concepts and practical training we will learn to train with efficiency and purpose as well as introduce basic and important movement patterns. Creative strength flows and relevant acrobatic skills will also be introduced. As a part of the workshop we will also do direct training for bodyweight strength goals such as handstand push-ups, other push-up variations, planche, press to handstand and other moves.