Get all the best thing Nirvana Strength Bali has to offer. with the unlimited class pass, you are eligible for the following:

  • 4 Weeks of unlimited Class Access
  • 4 Weeks of unlimited Open Gym Access (Optional)

Pricing Options

With Open Gym – IDR 2.500.000
Without Open Gym – IDR 2.100.000


Open Gym Access is the best option for you who are looking for the perfect GYM to work out. with a Open Gym Membership, you are eligible to the following:

  • Unlimited Open Gym Access

Pricing Options

4 Weeks – IDR 1.200.000
1 Week – IDR 500.000
1 Day – IDR 200.000

*An open Gym membership does not include access to classes


Class Pass to any strength, flexibility and mobility classes by Nirvana Strength Bali. 


Pricing Options

10 Class – IDR 1.800.000
5 Class – IDR 1.000.000
Drop In – IDR 200.000

*Passes does not include access to gym area outside classes


Professional Personal Trainer options from Nirvana Strength Bali

Personal Trainer Options

Take out the guesswork from your training, we have an experienced personal trainer ready to boost your fitness!

*Prices are tax exclusive

1 Session 12 Sessions 16 Sessions 20 Sessions
Head Coach
IDR 2.000.000
IDR 22.800.000
IDR 29.760.000
IDR 36.000.000
Senior Coach
IDR 1.500.000
IDR 17.100.000
IDR 22.320.000
IDR 27.000.000

personalized online coaching

Get workouts tailored to your goals and fitness level!

Align with our mission to redefining health, wellness, and fitness to enhance the quality and longevity of life, we are now available online to provide our tribe with great training experience. We aim to provide a plan for their next big physical feat, a maximum result without limitation of distance and fitness level.

Feedback + One Session of 30 Minutes Call

IDR 4,000,000/4 Weeks

*Price above exclude 10% Tax

RECOVERY treatment

Treatment options for Nirvana Strength Bali Recovery Center

Treatment Price
Red Light For Infra Red And Cellular Activation
IDR 270K
IDR 500K
Deep Tissue / Cupping Massage
IDR 550K
EMS Session
IDR 170K

Recovery Bundle

Save more on recovery with a Bundle! here is what you will get! 

Red Light for Infra Red and Cellular Activation

Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Blood Flow

Price List

1 x each RLT, EMS – IDR 800K/Session

5 x each RLT, EMS – IDR 3.700K/Session

10 x each RLT, EMS – IDR 7.000K/Session