Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Membership & Class Reservation

The first thing you need to do to book a class is purchasing a membership or class pass.


Once you have a membership or a class pass, you may reserve a class through our membership app.

You may purchase a membership or a class passes both online and offline.


To make an online purchase, you may head directly to our product page and choose the type of membership/class pass you wish to purchase.


Rest assure we are using Xendit, an internationally certified payment gateway, to guarantee the security of each transaction.


To make an offline purchase, please visit our location and complete your purchase onsite. We happily accept cash, debit, and also credit card.

To access your member page, you need to log in to the membership page at, where you need to insert your email as the username and the password you have created before.
If you lost your password, please use the forget password option to create a new password.


Once you have access to your membership account, you may reserve a class,

To reserve a class as a member, you need to visit our membership page first and log in using your email as the username, followed by the password you previously created.


Once logged in, you may go to the schedule menu, where you can choose which class you wish to reserve based on the type of membership/pass you own.


Here is a dedicated page detailing how to reserve a class as a member.

On your membership page, the features that are available to you are the following:

Class schedule and reservation
Here you can access all of the class schedules in Nirvana Strength. If you have a suitable pass/membership, all you need to do to reserve a class is just click on the class displayed.

Upcoming Reservation
This tab will show you what reservation you have made and including the time of the class

My Profile
This tab will show detailed information about your profile. You may check the type of membership/class pass you have, how many times it is used, including the expiry date, and the reservations you have made.

Buy Membership
To purchase or extend your membership, you may use our website to buy it online or make an offline purchase directly at the gym.

Easy How To's

Your Membership Page

Video on how to access all of the features on your membership page at (in Desktop)