With world renowned practitioner - Yuval on Hands

Performing Artist – Handbalancer – Acrobat – Gymnast – Handstand Teacher

$1,849 USD

After a 20 year career as an international and collegiate gymnast, followed by an 8 year run in the Las Vegas spectacle “Le Reve”, Yuval has spent the past 8 years as a full time handstand practitioner and teacher.


This has led him to an ongoing exploration in the field of hand balancing.


As an experienced hand balancer, Yuval now shares what he has learned in handstand workshops which he conducts regularly all over the world.


Yuval follows the teaching of the late, legendary handstand artist and teacher Claude Victoria and continues to research this incredible art form through practice and teaching.



This 5-day training program for beginners with ‘Yuval on Hands’ is intended for people who have already started their handstand journey and whose objective is to attain a free-standing handstand.


Training Requirements for Beginner > Intermediate Level:
This training program is a perfect fit for people who have already started their handstand journey and are working towards achieving an unassisted handstand.

If your practice already consists of a 40—60 second wall assisted handstand, this workshop will be perfect for you to improve your form, confidence and balance

This 5 day Training includes full access to our brand new Recovery area
Steam - Sauna - Ice Baths - Hot Tub

What's Included:

  • 5 days of training (2 sessions per day – morning and afternoon)
  • Nirvana Life membership for the duration of the course, including full access to our Steam, Sauna, Ice baths and Hot Tub
  • 400k F&B credit to use at Nirvana health food cafe
  • Daily Yoga, Meditation or Dance classes

Train in paradise with Yuval on hands

  • State of the art training facility and equipment
  • Support Head coaches with injury prevention training
  • Brand new Recovery center with Dry Sauna, 2 Ice baths, Steam room and Hot Tub to aid your recovery
  • Health food cafe – daily nutrition needed to maximise your training
  • Sports therapy massages (available on request)

Get ready:

  • For an depth Introduction to the world of handstands, with the aim of providing the best tools to continue your practice safely and effectively to develop your freestanding handstands.
  • To improve your handstand technique and quality of work by addressing technique and handstand alignment work.
  • To receive personalised assistance, spotting, and feedback from Yuval
  • For specific daily explorations on handstand preparation, flexibility, mobility, and strength.
  • For techniques on “How to do Spotting”
  • For a ”roadmap” towards achieving a freestanding handstand in different handstand positions








Accommodation bookings only available until 23rd January 2023