Why and Where to Train in Bali

Gymnastic Strength Training and Olympic Weightlifting Retreats
Nirvana Strength Bali is the perfect place to Train, Recover, and Relax. Start or Continue your fitness journey learning about your body with fundamentals that will build a strong foundation of strength, flexibility, and mobility in your joints and throughout your body.

  • Feed and fuel your body for maximum performance and recovery.
  • Extensive availability of classes and facility amenities
  • Perfect opportunity for self recognition in a highly motivating social environment, combined with a unique fitness experience.
  • Balance strength with flexibility, as you learn effective exercises that will train your joints, connective tissues, core, shoulders and legs.
  • Focus on being in a healthy and positive environment to get the most of your time.
  • Complete training complex that incorporates Gymnastic Strength Training and Olympic Weightlifting alongside our Recovery Facilities (EMS Lounge, Hyperbaric Chambers, Ice Bath, Jacuzzi, Dipping Pool, and Dry Sauna) with our on-site Cafe (Opening May)

Group Retreats

  • Customized training packages for your members/athletes.
  • Recover and Relax while training at a top notch facility.
  • Join our classes, set up private sessions, and use open spaces for individualized training.

Begin and advance your fitness journey with us, as we provide you with the best environment to enable success at all ages, body types and levels. Your transformation will begin here and take you to new levels in your fitness journey, whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete. Nirvana Strength Bali is designed for people of all fitness background, from Yoga and Pilates Enthusiasts to Crossfitters, Gymnasts, and Olympic weightlifters and sport athletes, anything from the beach to the mountains, our training facility has you covered.
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Nirvana Strength Bali