Benefits of Gymnastic Strength Training (Calisthenics)

Improve your Handstands, Rings Skills and much more.

Nirvana Strength Bali – Gymnastic Strength Training is a way of building up your foundational level of Strength, Flexibility, and overall Mobility. We do this primarily through calisthenics. This is helps with weighted exercises, more difficult movements as well as going into other forms of strength training. The awesome balance that you will achieve and the increased abilities within your sport of choice will leave you wanting more. We will help you become more flexible, stronger and increase your mobility. All of this is done with great coaching and with results oriented goals. Learn new skills while becoming healthier.
Gymnastics Strength Training is not easy and progress at times may be slower than what you want. Time, effort and patience will allow you to take full advantage of the programming. Nirvana Strength Bali is the perfect place to surround yourself with others with the same focus on increasing their level of performance (Strength, Flexibility, and Mobility) within their own fitness journey. We created an amazing training environment and built a culture help make your results REAL.
From the amazing equipment and quality of our training facility, to incorporating a Recovery Center and the knowledgeable Coaches who help bring it all together. You will understand that you are in great hands.
Gymnastics Strength Training will benefit anyone, no matter if you are a beginner or someone with a fitness background. We promise that you will not be disappointed with the progress that you make. You will consistently see yourself make improvements from one class to the next. Get the body that you want by focusing on your overall health. Become adaptable to every situation you find yourself.
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