Handstands Guide Part 1


Handstands represent the amazing blend of strength, balance, and body control that we aspire to. We all should strive for more efficient and effective workouts that fit the lives we lead. Achieve Handstands with less frustration as Nirvana Strength takes you through a series of exercises with hands on instruction that will take your handstands to the next level. You’ll be working hard, but the results will come much faster.

Benefits of Handstand Training

Handstands are a matter of balance and strength in the shoulders, arms, and core. It’s not very natural to be upside down putting weight through our hands. Comparing the hip joints and muscles of our lower body to those of the upper body, it’s obvious which should bear our weight day in and out. When done correctly, the handstands strengthen your body from head to toe.
Your shoulders and arms will get much stronger in overhead movements, and your core strength will improve greatly. The strength and balance gained from handstands will transfer over to many other activities. Increasing your balance awareness is an additional benefit. The key for handstand balance is in the small adjustments with the fingers and wrists, and proper shoulder and hip/leg positioning.
Strengthening the entire upper body doing handstands, encourages a full body connection. Strengthen your wrists and build up your ‘hollow body’ position to get the proper foundation. Preparing the wrists to handle the stresses of doing handstands is vital to reaching your goals. By correctly focusing on strengthening the wrists from the start will save you lots of time and prevent injury.
Build Strong Wrists with Various exercises, like those found here

Get the best Hollow Body

Properly performing the hollow body position is a must for a solid handstand. Focusing on a gymnastic-style handstand with a straight body, it requires a tight core that keeps the upper and lower halves working together. The most important point of the Hollow Body is to keep the lower back flat on the floor.