Actively Seek Out Challenges

Actively seek out Challenges

Seek Out Challenges and Obstacles to Further Your Development. If You Bypass and Avoid Them Your Whole Life, How Are You Going to Prepare Yourself for the Big Challenges That Are Unavoidable?

Whatever you do in life, you are not growing if you are not adapting. Like resistance training, if you can accomplish the task or goal at hand without barely trying, you are not going to the proper stimulus to force growth and adaptation.
The whole point of training, work, and this thing called life are to find your edge and push for growth. It is a result of challenging our capabilities and overcoming our weaknesses. Even though a particular task or project at hand would be difficult, knowing that it may or may not work, carefully reflect on the opportunity and what it could be. Could it be the most interesting thing you have ever done or could you come closer to other goals by completing this project?
It is true of all crafts, that we must seek out challenges and get better through them. If not, then what are you doing it for? Be careful though, that not everything that is hard is also good. Most of all things that you are now good at, you were quite deficient in at one point. You fought the urge to quit, you gained confidence in your progress and kept pushing against the resistances that you faced.
For every project you work on, you will learn incredible things about yourself, most importantly that you are capable of accomplishing more than you think you can. With regards to your craft, at times you may have to forget certain aspects of logic. Your true passion for your craft will need to be at the forefront of the choices you ultimately make. However, when you come out the other end a better human, you will come to fully appreciate the journey.
Defining early on the opportunities for growth, which means to fully control what happens. You will get better because it is hard, you are taking a risk and that there is so much resistance.
Every challenge, all the things that go array is an opportunity to grow and be stronger. There is always something you can do to make improvements from small to big choices that you will need to make. As you weigh all the options available to you, sway towards the more difficult ones. Challenge yourself and take the path of more resistance. Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunities to realize a better self. By owning your choices and your life, you become stronger.
Choose the options that challenge you to adapt, grow, and redefine who you are as an individual. The journey towards your Nirvana, your ultimate state of being by progressively challenging yourself to actively address the weak areas of your craft, and other aspects of life.
Written by Ian MacLeod
Co-Founder & Head Coach at Nirvana Strength