Deliberate Practice

The highest standard at which anyone learning a skill should aspire is deliberate practice.
With regards to performance, have a specific target. Be as specific as possible to improve most efficiently with a higher level of efficacy. This involves not aiming at or focusing on some vague overall improvement but having well-defined goals.
The intense undistracted focus during training sessions.
Engage in One-hour sessions where you concentrate intently and hit your marks for the session. These sessions will require your full attention and mindful actions. You will scarcely improve much without giving the task at hand your full attention. It’s not enough to simply follow directions.
Receive immediate feedback
Each session is a smaller experiment inside a bigger experiment. You will need to constantly test and retest during each training session. To understand if something is effective or not, you need to receive immediate feedback that is accurate. The quicker and more accurate the feedback, the faster you’ll improve without major setbacks. Imagine if you had to wait 5-10 minutes let alone a full 24 hours, to know if the last reps you completed were correct or not.
Without receiving this observational feedback – how can you hope to be aware of what you need to improve on or how close you are to achieving the goals that you have set for yourself.
Switch between being uncomfortable and comfortable
Our building phase is the period in which we tend to be in a state of varying levels of discomfort. We follow this with our recovery phase in which we may rest, relax, reflect, and better understand what occurred during the building phase. This will lead to greater growth physically and mentally. We tend to want to avoid areas of discomfort, outside of what we are already able to accomplish. We also need to develop a willingness to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone and smartly follow it with a willingness to fully rest and recover.
We want to be constantly trying things that are just beyond our current abilities. Continue to find your edge of control and capacities, it is in these states of near maximal effort that are typically not enjoyable but lend themselves to the greatest levels of growth.
Proven practitioners for expert coaching
Expert coaches will provide you with effective exercises to progress you faster. They will also enhance each aspect of deliberate practice by:
Pushing you to find your edge, without going over the edge.
Provide immediate feedback that will provide accurate details necessary to further your growth quickly.
Hold you accountable and increase the level of practice through intense focus.
Ensure the path to excellence is understood and provide short term goals along the way.
Training and practice protocols should be designed with the client/member at the forefront of the process. This requires the combination of a science-based approach, the coaches’ expertise, and the client’s individualistic needs. With a coach who understands the process and is familiar with the abilities of the client, they can work together to better develop the client’s skills through effective training techniques.
Through deliberate practice and depending on your capacity to be effective, the Ultimate Goal will be reached. Improving the methods by which you practice will go a long way to develop one’s performance. As your methods become more refined and detailed, your training process will become more effective and in turn make improvements even greater.