Train and Strive To Be Your True Self

Performance Training For Your Sport, Activity, And Life


Who are we?

Nirvana Strength Bali is the perfect place for you to focus on performance training that will help you improve your weaknesses and gain greater Strength, Flexibility and Mobility that will directly translate to the main activity/sport that you participate in. Whether it is Yoga, Surfing, MMA, Running or Crossfit, we will help you “Train” to become better.

Why “Nirvana Strength Bali”?

I could think of no better word than “Nirvana” to best encompass all of the positive words travelers have about Bali. With regards to our Performance Facility we are the most ideal place to be. Our culture and environment, our coaches, and our facility are all geared toward increasing your overall health no matter where you are at in your fitness journey. “Strength”, best identifies with the values and philosophy we have with health and well-being. It encompasses, Strength in; Will, Mind, Spirit, Body Awareness, Flexibility…. We will encourage your abilities to get stronger in Mind and Body.

What does our Logo mean?

The Endless or Eternal Knot has many interpretations, though simply best identifies us by representing the idea that everything in life is connected. You can think of this on a cultural or religious level with the mind, the body and the spirit, but we also think of it as a reflection of the Central Nervous System and how it incorporates the connection of the Mind and Body. What we do at Nirvana Strength is focused on better understanding and use of this connection and its ability to help us reach a state of Flow. The Spirit of Bali, which we each find in ourselves completes that connection. Everyone comes to Bali for a Specific reason and these reasons will lead them to wanting to improve their own internal knots.

“Be Water, My Friend”

Bruce Lee is the epitome of a performance athlete and believed that we all should strive towards the ability to adapt mentally, physically and spiritually, to any situation or environment that we find ourselves. Water has the amazing ability to adapt to its environment no matter what it may be. We should also, train our minds, body and spirit to be like “Water”.
Nirvana Strength Bali