Increase Performance through Dry Sauna Use

Boost Your Endurance and Improve Heart Function With Dry Sauna Use At Nirvana Strength Bali

Hyperthermic Conditioning (HTC) Boosts Your Health and Athletic Performance

When you are in a sauna, you go through a number of physiological changes:

  • Increased blood flow to your muscles,
    • helps them be more effective with essential nutrients. As nutrients are transported to your muscles faster, it decreases your reliance on glycogen, meaning you can go longer without running out of energy. Glycogen is used as your energy source, so to be able to reduce your muscles usage of it by as much as 50% is big for endurance gains.
    • makes them more efficient at removing metabolic wastes like lactic acid.
  • In HTC,
    • sweating helps keep your core temperature lower and keeps you from overheating.
    • sweat helps regulate your core temperature and gets rid of accumulated toxins in the body. Toxins are stored in your fat cells, so sweating will mobilize fat cells. You will be getting rid of toxins and fat cells.
  • It increases plasma volume, which improves blood flow to the heart.  Meaning your heart doesn’t have to work as hard, yet still able to pump the same volume of blood (improves your endurance!).  This helps lower your heart rate and reduces strain on your heart, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

HTC Increases Lean Muscle

Heat exposure decreases protein breakdown and increases protein synthesis.  The more protein you have available, the better able to build lean muscle mass you will be.

HTC Increases Muscle Gain By:

  1. Enhancing your uptake of glucose in your muscles, improving Insulin sensitivity.
  2. Preserving Heat shock proteins (HSP) which are a protective stress response, preventing lean muscle loss.
  3. Triggering Growth hormone release, increasing muscle mass.

Best use Your Sauna Time with the following:

  1. Stimulate your skin by gently rubbing to activate/open the pores, enhancing circulation in that area. It will accelerate sweating, helping to regulate core temperature and bringing blood closer to the surface, helping to more effectively rid toxic waste.
  2. When done, take a quick cold shower which will help close the pores helping to strengthen your immune system.
  3. An example of a protocol to use would be two 15 – 20 minute sauna sessions at 80°C separated by a 20 – 30 minute cooling period. This can be varied to match your own capacity, but please do be careful and be sure to try and Sauna with others.
  4. HTC is used for after Training or on its own. Not to be confused with performing bouts of Contrast Baths or Dry Sauna/Ice Bath use with regards to Recovery (Information to come in a future Post)

For a More Detailed Post and Video on Hyperthermic Conditioning (HTC), follow the link below and listen to the Expert, Dr. Rhonda Patrick.

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    Thanks for the post! When you stimulate your skin, is that before and during your time in the sauna? What patches of skin do you focus on?

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