Get Started And Build Your Body

Build Strength, Flexibility, and Muscular Control through Calisthenics.

The main areas we focus on: Strength, Flexibility, and Muscular Control, comprise the whole of physical fitness and knowing how to work them will solve many of your issues. Training the basics allows us to take a closer look at each component and make real changes that resulting in better progress. Get high quality coaching to better assess where you are and how to progress to best fit your needs. We will help empower you with useful information about areas to focus on in your training.

Understand Your Body


You will get a better understanding of foundational movements, learn why they’re important, and how to work on them. Receive on the spot assessment to better gauge your current level of ability. Determine what areas are most important for you to work on.

Understand some ways to address flexibility to improve your physical restrictions. At Nirvana Strength Bali we will show you some tools to start building the strength you need while you learn to become more aware of your muscular control. The basics build a strong base to build upon. Without them, progressing becomes more difficult and eventually some negative outcomes (i.e. injury, setbacks, extended plateaus).

Building Blocks

A sufficient amount of Strength, Flexibility, and Muscular Control needs to be developed before beginning the exercise itself. The goal of exercise isn’t just to perform more reps but to be able to do enough with good form to prepare your body for further skills. They are building blocks that are the base for placing more blocks on top. We look beyond just being able to do “more pushups”, and see how that will allow you to further progress in your development.
What your specific blocks are depends upon what you’re doing and what you need to improve upon within your own fitness journey. Anything beyond that is arbitrary.
Be Water, My Friend
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  1. Tony W Landreth

    Nice post! Would love to see a post on recovery strategies, including how to use the sauna and other tools at your facility.

    1. We will be sure to have posts related to some recovery protocols with the Sauna, hot and cold baths and other recovery tools we have available for use. Thank you for the suggestion!

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